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Helping Your Overweight Dog or Cat by Dr Jane Bicks

As pet parents, our companion animals depend solely on us to make important decisions for their health and well-being. Choosing the right food is a critical part of our responsibility to provide the best care possible. But just as crucial is the amount of food that we feed our precious pets. We know that when dogs and cats are overweight, their health can be jeopardized. Current estimates indicate that more than half of all companion animals are overweight or obese. And health challenges resulting from obesity account for the majority... Read more →

Dr Jane Bicks is always on the lookout for ways to improve her superior formulas. Well, she's done it again! Our Antioxidant Health Bars for Dogs are improved! Packed with premium ingredients, Life's Abundance Antioxidant Health Bars have always been a fantastic way to nutritiously reward our lovable pups. But now there’s even more reason to celebrate this formula for better health! In the new formula, Antioxidant Health Bars – Oatmeal & Apple Recipe, I’ve added hefty helpings of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene for a serious jolt of... Read more →

The Pet Food Industry Is Exploding! Join Life's Abundance Today!

You've seen the headlines. It's impossible to avoid them. Every time you watch TV or read a newspaper, you hear about the struggling economy. If you have access to a computer (which you obviously do if you are reading this!) and a telephone, you can own your own pet business within minutes. With everyone feeling the crunch in today's economy, now is the perfect time to start your own business. It's your chance to to supplement your income and one day soon, say goodbye to your mainstream job and hello... Read more →

Buy Tupperware Now and You MIGHT Get Your Order For FREE!

As St Patrick's Day approaches, Tupperware is asking Are You Feeling Lucky? Every 10th customer receives 10% off ENTIRE purchase! Every 100th customer receives ENTIRE PURCHASE FREE! Qualifiers notified upon completion of their order! ends 3/17/09. This is an online special only. Place your Feeling Lucky Tupperware Order Here Read more →