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Does your litterbox smell? What about those dog beds....especially after it runs and Fido comes in and lays in his bed? Instead of masking the smell with harmful chemicals, use the Life's Abundance BioDeoderizer! It's safe for pets and gets rid of odors fast! BioDeodorizer gets rid of odors by digesting their sources, utilizing friendly bacteria that eliminate organic wastes. Safe for use on tile and carpet, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers, even drain lines! Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter... Read more →

Amid the change in seasons, lightning storms, and rainy weather, our dogs may feel extra stress and anxiety. They may feel unsettled, bark more often, and just not act like their usual selves. Until now, there just hasn't been a well-designed, inexpensive pressure wrap commonly used for dog anxiety. To the rescue comes the Thundershirts! Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers now recommend it for anxious pooches. Medication is the most common treatment of anxiety, but drugs are expensive and risky, and they don't always alleviate the problem. The patented... Read more →

Keep Your Meds Away From Pets!

Most people know that chocolate and grapes are dangerous for pets to eat, but over-the-counter and prescription human medications actually top the list of top toxins for pets, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Last year, pills that were dropped or left unattended on countertops and tables caused more illnesses in pets in United States than any other toxin, with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antidepressants and ADHD medicine topping the list. Symptoms to watch for When an animal ingests human medication, the most common signs may... Read more →

10 Tips For Stress Management

Before embarking on a stress management system – you need to identify what stresses you! A good indication is thinking of stressful situations – sometimes just the word ‘heavy traffic’ can stress you and cause physical symptoms – perhaps your pulse quickens and you feel ‘bothered’. You may also keep a journal, and when you feel stressed – take note of your situation and surroundings. 1. Breathe! A deep breath can help your mind in a very specific way, increasing oxygen to the brain and helping you to relax. It... Read more →