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Can't Grow Your Hair Long? Find Out Why!

Hair is something that we can all live without. It serves very little useful purpose, yet when it is lost, it can be devastating to us. Why? Because it is also part of our identity; it is part of what makes us different from other people; so, when hair is lost, that identity becomes lost. We just simply are
not ourselves. 

We live in a society where hair is still very much prized as a tremendous form of beauty.  Just look at the woman with the head full of gorgeous hair. She certainly can turn heads. Or even a man with a thick head of hair, he certainly looks handsome. I would say that hair is worth worrying about.

There is a lot of misinformation about hair growth. The only place where you will grow 14 inches in 6 months is in the movies or with an instant weave.  The women who have the longest hair in the world are from Asia. They too are realistic in growing their hair long. If they cut their hair to sell it, they will give themselves a realistic 5 to 7 years to get hair back to waist length. Most American women will want their hair to go from ear length to BSL (Bra Strap Length) in 12 months.  That is not realistic although it can happen in 30 months. The Indian women have a system and they stick with it. They oil their hair often with Ayuverdic oils (Like Hair Follicle Food 61 and Stop Hair Loss), they wash with good shampoo and most importantly, they do a little manipulation. They will braid their hair in the a.m. and not bother it all day with a bunch of tugging and pulling.  Remember, if your hair’s in a comb, brush or on the floor it’s not on your head. So it’s important to keep the hair that grows on your head. 

Our products will eliminate shedding!  You have to be able to keep those ends on.  That means oiling your ends to stop them from becoming brittle and breaking.  It also means feeding the follicle which feeds the root.  Healthy hair starts from within.  If you have shampoos and other things you already love and work well for you, stick with them but add these amazing oils to your routine and watch your hair gro with Kra-Z hair gro line of products.  They were designed with you in mind.

Hair follicle foodHair Follicle Food 61 – Ancient Secrets Oil

This oil is the result of over 60 years experienced with the best hair growth manufacturer on the planet (no exaggeration). It uses over 61 Ancient ingredients some thousands of years old!  What was most surprising to me is that the secret to hair growth was hidden in plain sight! Similar oils (I won’t name them but many of you know who they are) sell for 3 times as much as this oil. We want to keep it affordable so you can use it as often as necessary to achieve your goals.  You can use it as a hot oil treatment.  Put it on entire hair from root to tip and tie a hot towel on head for an hour or so, then, wash out with Kra-Z Hair gro shampoo or any sulfate free shampoo. Apply at least 3 times a week for maximum results. You may also apply 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled hair wash day. Then simply wash out.  If you can tolerate the (growth itch) leave it in until your next wash. It’s effective either way. Remember massaging the oils into the scalp is the most important thing.

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10 Food You Should Never Feed Your Pet

Food-to-Never-Feed-Your-Pet-150x150Almost everyone with a pet has been guilty one time or another of feeding their pet table scraps. When you’re eating dinner and your beloved pet gives you ‘the eyes’, it can be nearly impossible to resist. Unfortunately, an occasional table scrap may be more harmful than you think. Giving in may instill bad behaviors, such as begging and whining – which I know from firsthand experience, can get very annoying. The odd piece of meat shouldn’t harm your dog, but there are many foods out there that can be very harmful if ingested by your pet.

Below are some foods you should never feed your pet:

  • Chocolate, Coffee & Anything with Caffeine – Chocolate is an obvious one; most people know it can be very harmful if eaten by an animal – but coffee and caffeinated foods? All these foods contain methylxanthines, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, heavy breathing, muscle tremors, seizures and even death. So, it is highly advisable to avoid giving your pet any of these substances.
  • Avocado – this fruit contains persin, a chemical present in avocado leaves, bark and the fruit itself. In pets, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and breathing troubles. There have even been a few reported death after ingestion.
  • Grapes & Raisins – Grapes and raisins are known to cause kidney troubles in pets. Avoid these fruits, especially if your pet already has kidney problems.
  • Dairy Products – Pets cannot digest milk very well; it can cause stomach upset and other allergic reactions, often resulting in skin irritation.
  • Salt – Too much salt can cause your pet to experience excessive thirst and urination, so keep those salty treats to yourself.
  • Yeast Dough – It is ok to feed your dog a little bread, as long as it’s baked. Raw dough can expand in your pet’s stomach, causing intense pain and discomfort.
  • Raw Meats and Eggs – Just like humans, animals can get sick from uncooked meat and raw eggs. If uncooked, these foods can harbor bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning.
  • Macadamia Nuts – These nuts are commonly used in many treats; however, they are harmful to pets.  Symptoms generally show around 12-48 hours after ingestion and can include vomiting, muscle spasms, increased heart rate and a rise in body temperature.


These are just some of the foods that can be harmful to your pet, so make sure to consult your vet before feeding your pet table scraps and contact your vet immediately if your animal consumes any of these foods.

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Successful Aging - Cancer in Pets

The first installment   of our Successful Aging Series, this episode of Pet Talk deals with one of the most frightening illnesses around – cancer. As our dear companions are living longer lives, they’re also confronting this ailment in ever greater numbers. In fact, millions of dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer every year. Dr. Sarah is here to impart her wisdom on this topic, including common pet cancers, available treatments and groundbreaking research. You’ll also learn of one of science’s most ambitious goals regarding the eradication of this awful disease. Watch this informative video now




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