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Hair is something that we can all live without. It serves very little useful purpose, yet when it is lost, it can be devastating to us. Why? Because it is also part of our identity; it is part of what makes us different from other people; so, when hair is lost, that identity becomes lost. We just simply are not ourselves. We live in a society where hair is still very much prized as a tremendous form of beauty. Just look at the woman with the head full of gorgeous... Read more →

Almost everyone with a pet has been guilty one time or another of feeding their pet table scraps. When you’re eating dinner and your beloved pet gives you ‘the eyes’, it can be nearly impossible to resist. Unfortunately, an occasional table scrap may be more harmful than you think. Giving in may instill bad behaviors, such as begging and whining – which I know from firsthand experience, can get very annoying. The odd piece of meat shouldn’t harm your dog, but there are many foods out there that can be... Read more →

Successful Aging - Cancer in Pets

The first installment of our Successful Aging Series, this episode of Pet Talk deals with one of the most frightening illnesses around – cancer. As our dear companions are living longer lives, they’re also confronting this ailment in ever greater numbers. In fact, millions of dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer every year. Dr. Sarah is here to impart her wisdom on this topic, including common pet cancers, available treatments and groundbreaking research. You’ll also learn of one of science’s most ambitious goals regarding the eradication of this awful... Read more →