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Free shipping on all Kittywalk Pet Containment Products. Allow your pet to be able to play outside safely? Kittywalk products are designed to keep your favorite friend safe, but have fun doing it. From enclosed raised dog beds and the perfect pet strollers to indoor pet products and outdoor cat enclosures, we have the units you can buy individually or all at once to provide your pet with a safe environment to romp and play. Buy A Kittywalk product today! Read more →

A Letter from Founder and CEO, Marco Giannini Dear Fellow Pet Parent: At Catswell, our number one priority is the safety of our products and the health of our feline customers. We strive to make and sell only the highest-quality, natural cat treats with added vitamins that provide functional benefits such as improved hip health, breath, and other benefits. During routine testing of our products, we recently discovered that two batches of our Catswell VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins tested positive for a limited presence of an ingredient... Read more →

This is a reprint from By Dr. Becker It seems there’s another dog snack from China to worry about: sweet potato treats. According to the Veterinary Information Network (VIN)1, vets are now reporting health problems linked to sweet potato treats similar to those related to chicken jerky treats also made in China. Test results on sick dogs show kidney problems similar to the symptoms of Fanconi syndrome. Most dogs recover, but there have been some deaths related to the chicken jerky treat problem. Symptoms may show up within hours... Read more →

Time Outdoors Helps Settle ADD/ADHD Children

With summer vacation in full swing, many families are still planning last-minute getaways or making final preparations for well-awaited vacations. However, for parents with a child that has ADD/ADHD, there are some recently discovered considerations to factor into travel itineraries. Studies conducted at the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign by Frances Kuo, Ph.D., suggest that ADD/ADHD children show less hyperactivity and distractibility when in natural surroundings. Whether planning a vacation around a natural setting or incorporating greenery into everyday activities, exposure to nature has... Read more →

Nature’s Variety has initiated a voluntary recall of its Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs due to an off-odor smell that may develop over time. This product is not contaminated in any way, but some products are not remaining fresh for the shelf life of the product. Reed Howlett, Nature’s Variety CEO, stated, “At Nature’s Variety, we make every effort to ensure that all of our products meet the highest quality standards. We’ve found that some bags of Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs... Read more →

Summer camp is often a win-win for families. It’s a treasured, invaluable experience for children and a welcome temporary reprieve from parental responsibilities for adults. With camps available for all interests, ages, and activity levels, more and more kids are signing up. The American Camp Association reports that more than 11 million children attend summer camp each year.1 However, for children sensitive or allergic to certain foods, summer camp could also be a disaster without a little advance planning. According to the Mayo Clinic, eight foods are responsible for approximately... Read more →

It’s almost summer, and what better time than now to hit the open road with one of your favorite companions? However, preparing your 4-legged friend for a 4-wheel adventure is a must to ensure that his health and well-being stay intact along the way. 1. Make sure your dog is comfortable in the car. For safety, many experts recommend purchasing a dog harness/seat belt or carrier. Several weeks before your departure, take your dog on a few short, local rides and get him accustomed to riding. This will also give... Read more →

Many dieters often turn to sugar substitutes when trying to lose weight, often switching to sugar-free diet sodas and chewing gum to avoid snacking and eating more calorie-laden foods. However, aspartame is found in many of these products, and can cause many undesirable side effects, and is involved in 75% of reported complaints received by the Adverse Reaction Monitoring System (ARMS) of the US Food and Drug Administration. Reported health risks FDA health complaints resulting from aspartame include abdominal pain, hives, migraines, and dizziness. Aspartame poisoning, while rare, is often... Read more →

Voluntary Recall of LabDiet and Mazuri Feed Products - Guinea Pig, Bird, Primate And Wolf Food

Contact Consumer: 1-855-863-0421, x224 Media: Trish Scorpio, PMI International 651-375-1814 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 3, 2012 – PMI Nutrition International has initiated a voluntary recall of four varieties of the LabDiet® and Mazuri® feed products listed below, due to the potential for an elevated vitamin D level in these products. Elevated vitamin D levels can be harmful to animals if fed for extended periods. These products were manufactured at the Richmond, IN feed plant and were distributed throughout the U.S. and to a few international customers. Dealers have been... Read more →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -June 30, 2012 - Today, Mars Petcare US announced a voluntary recall of a limited range of three varieties of PEDIGREE® weight management canned dog food products due to a potential choking risk. Affected product may contain small pieces of blue plastic, which entered the food during the production process. The source of the plastic has been identified and the issue resolved. We encourage consumers who have purchased affected product to discard the food or return it to the retailer for a full refund or exchange. While... Read more →