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What Do You Look For In A Dog Or Cat Food?

What do you look for in a dog or cat food? Did you know that we use chicken meal because most of the water has been removed, which makes it a concentrated source of protein. This means that there is a greater “protein content” in one pound of chicken meal versus one pound of chicken meat. That’s why high-quality chicken meal is a key ingredient in Life’s Abundance foods. What else should you be looking for?

Doggies find out here!

Kitties find out here!

Also make sure you compare the "amounts fed" to Life's Abundance. Our food is nutrient dense and you feed less. For example when looking at Blue Buffalo you would feed a 40lb dog 2 1/4 cups and with Life's Abundance you would feed 1 3/4 cups. For a 100 pound dog eating Blue Buffalo you would feed 4 1/2 cups but with Life's Abundance 3 1/2 cups. That tells you A LOT!

Plus, our daily breakdown of how much it costs to feed your furbaby is better than most commercial brands (plus ours is shipped FRESH and doesn't sit in a warehouse for 12-18 months like they do).

3lb dog - 10 to 13 cents a day
10lb dog - 29 to 34 cents a day

20lb dog - 44 to 52 cents a day
30lb dog - 66 to 79 cents a day
40lb dog - 77 to 89 cents a day
60lb dog - $1.10 to $1.25 a day
80lb dog - $1.30 to $1.51 a day
100lb dog - $1.52 to $1.88 a day

3lb cat - 15 to 17 cents a day
7lb cat - 20 to 23 cents a day
12lb cat - 30 to 33 cents a day
18lb cat - 46 to 49 cents a day

You can place your order at or

 P.S. One more thing - Life's Abundance has NEVER been recalled and has been in business for 15 years. Can your pet food say that? Here are the recalls dating back to 2007 - and I sure would be wary of those repeat offenders!

FDA Still Warning People About Tainted Jerky Treats For Dogs

Tainted Jerky Treats are still in the news and making dogs sick. Please be a concerned consumer and pay attention to the products you are purchasing. Life's Abundance offers Tasty Rewards Training Treats as an excellent alternative. Tasty Rewards, as well as any of the Life's Abundance products, have NEVER been recalled. The company has been in business for 15 years. Stop taking chances with your dog - order Tasty Rewards today!

Watch The Video Here!

Article From Rikki Mitchell

CREATED Dec. 23, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The numbers keep climbing.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as of September, more than 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have become ill after eating pet jerky treats.

And nearly 600 of those pets died. Here in Pima County, there's one reported case where a Golden Retriever died after eating a jerky treat.

Ann Lancero owns a Golden Retriever and says she threw away her pet jerky treats and worried about feeding them to her dog.  "I won't buy them again," she said.

Malinda Nissley worries if the treats come from overseas. "It's a concern I would have especially if I looked at the label and they say they're from China," she said. But what's in the treats that's making so many pets sick? The problem is, no one knows.

"To date they have not found a connection between these treats and the diseases that create the symptoms that these dogs and cats are experiencing," said Kim Janes, manager at Pima Animal Care Center.

Janes said the FDA has not officially recalled any brands yet, but  the treats take the form of tenders or strips and are made with chicken, duck, sweet potato, dried fruit or any combination of those.

Symptoms can start within hours of the pet eating the treat and include decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and drinking more water than usual.

If your pet has any of those symptoms after eating jerky treats, Janes says take them to the vet right away. "First of all they need to take it to the vet," he said. "Get the vet to take a look at it and get it under treatment and absolutely they need to report it to the Food and Drug Administration."

The FDA says reports of illnesses could help in its investigation.

You can report illnesses to the FDA by visiting its Safety Reporting Portal.

More information can be found on the FDA factsheet.


Surprisingly Simple Weight-Loss Tips Video For Your Dog Or Cat By Dr. Sarah

Would you be surprised to learn that 50% of the dogs and cats in America are overweight? Worse, these percentages, not to mention waist-sizes, are only going up.

The good news is that this serious health epidemic has more than one solution, and they are all easy to adopt. In this episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah shares her veterinary tips for weight loss, including one which utilizes a simple tool in virtually every kitchen.

Be sure to share this episode of Pet Talk with other pet parents. Sending a video link could be the first step in the process toward a better life for overweight pet kids.

In fact, by employing a couple of Dr. Sarah’s easy-to-master tips, 2014 could be the healthiest year ever for dogs and cats!

Surprisingly Simple Weight-Loss Tips from Life's Abundance.

Shop for natural, weight loss food for dogs and low fat wholesome hearts treats for dogs!

Holiday Safety Tips For Your Pet

Gathering your family together for a delicious, festive feast is a holiday tradition. And, while you don’t have to completely exclude your pets from the celebration, you do need to watch out for the seemingly harmless holiday fixtures that could wreak havoc on their health. In this month’s informative episode of Pet TalkLife's Abundance staff veterinarian Dr. Sarah sheds light on the things pet parents shouldn’t put under the Christmas tree. From errant table scraps, to cookies left out for Santa, to the delightful treats made for friends and family, if your dog or cat eats any of these, you could land on your vet's “naughty list”. The last thing you want to do this holiday season is forego eggnog and caroling in favor of urgent medical care for an ailing animal companion. So, watch this special yuletide message and enjoy the spirit of the season, responsibly!


Don't forget to purchase your dog or cat safe, natural, never recalled dog and cat food, treats, supplements and pet spa care products here!

Why Join The Life's Abundance Home Based Business Opportunity

1. Because you love pets: People often say that it’s a privilege to be able to earn a living doing something you love and are passionate about. I’ve met many people who are in all sorts of occupations, and have told me they would rather work with pets because that’s what they truly care about. Is that your story? We are offering people just like you the opportunity to earn an incredible income while helping pets in the most fundamental way, nutrition.

2. Because we offer the best: When you put your name behind something, it better be something good. People will remember you for what you do and what you represent. With most home based opportunities, people will see you and run the other way. Not so here. Friends, family, and the general public will respect your choice to become a pet professional and will want to hear from you. The Life's Abundance products will speak for themselves as they improve pets lives, making you look good and not ruin your reputation.

3. It’s an exploding industry: Pet product sales are a 40 billion dollar industry. Pet stores are opening up everywhere. Ever heard of the expression, “right place, right time?” We are setting a new trend with the massive internet market.

4. Opportunity to work from home: In the United States, over 21 million people enjoy the benefits of working from home. No set time to start or end work, no commute, no dress code, and no one watching over you all day. Plus, there is almost no overhead normally associated with opening a traditional business.

5. Ease of engagement: If you’ve every tried sales before, you know that it makes a huge difference in your success if you sell something that people want to hear about. We all know what it’s like to be confronted with a telemarketer, or an insurance salesman, or the stereotypical “car salesman”. No one wants to be viewed as a pushy salesman and you definitely don’t want to be rejected by friends and family. With Life's Abundance, you do not have this problem. Talking about the care and well being of pets is a welcome subject with most people. In fact, people will often thank you for making a recommendation because you will probably be the only person they’ve ever talked to who is knowledgeable in this area. This “ease of engagement” makes it easy to approach people, and you’re not viewed as a sales person.

6. No inventory requirements: Most home based opportunities require you to have inventory through personal purchasing requirements or “buy your way to success” programs. At Life's Abundance, we impose no such requirements. In fact, it’s unheard of to offer pet foods profitably without buying large quantities of food in order to get good pricing.

7. Tools to ensure success: Professional E-Commerce Website, Automated Newsletter System, multiple web sites, brochures, samples, DVD’s, Weekly training calls, etc.

8. Excellent support: You will always have an upline of reps who can support you in your business. Plus, you have access to our founders, Dennis and Carol Berardi, as well as Dr. Jane Bicks.

9. Huge market of people and professionals: Getting customers for our products is never a problem. Many companies rely on their distributors as the source of their sales, but not Life's Abundance. People actually want what we have to offer. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re not a good sales person, our products actually sell themselves. But our business also allows you to leverage your efforts by building a sales force. As I’ve already stated, people love their pets and would do anything to have the chance to work with them if they could. But what’s more, there are thousands of Pet Professionals out there who need this program. This would include everyone from veterinarians to breeders, groomers to pet sitters, pet photographers, and more. When presented with our business, they quickly realize that it makes no sense to sell any other brand. This is a network marketing business that actually works.

10. You need a residual income: Not only will you want residual income at retirement (and before), but you’ll want it to be consistent. Nothing beats the consistent residual income stream that our products can provide. People stick with pet products that work! Plus our fresh, home delivered products are very habit forming and convenient for your clients. Also, building a solid downline of representatives, who will continue to make you money, is easy to do because people have a built in passion for pets. No recruiting treadmill as in other opportunities.

Join our team at

We are happy to help you with everything! We have been reps with Life's Abundance for 10 years and have reached the highest rank of 9 Star in the company. The team you join does matter. You'll have access to all our online and offline training.


Minimize Stress When Moving With Your Pets


Couple with cat

Moving to a new residence can be a nerve-wracking event for everyone  involved. With the average American moving 11-14 times, that’s a lot of trips to  ‘Stressville’. Between sorting through your possessions, packing up boxes,  traveling to the new location, switching utilities and all of the other steps  that go into a move, it’s easy to become frazzled at the mere prospect of all  that work. Coordinating all of these elements can prove challenging even for  folks with a knack for organization.

Moving with a companion animal adds an extra layer of complexity. Whatever  stress you experience on moving day goes double for companion animals, who have  no idea what to expect from the commotion of a move. But, with some strategic  planning and a little bit of elbow grease, you can make the transition easier on  yourself and your companion animals.


Make sure your dog or cat wears ID tags at all times, because the likelihood  of pet kids becoming separated from their people goes up dramatically during a  move. If you maintain registry with a national microchip agency, be sure to  update your contact information. Once you’ve moved, call your veterinary office  to update your address and phone number.

Did you know that a rabies tag includes the contact information for your vet’s office? It’s a built-in safeguard if your pet kid ever becomes lost, so  make certain your veterinarian has your most up-to-date contact information.

Call your local animal regulatory office and/or homeowner’s association to learn  of any rules or legislation regarding companion animals in your new neighborhood.


Moving a family dog is pretty simple. Keep your dog on a leash, buckle his  car harness and drive him to his new digs. If your new place features a fenced  yard, show him the locations of his food, water, bedding and kennel [if your dog  spends part of his day outdoors]. The new sights and smells will likely keep them  occupied for hours. If there’s any anxiety, consider using a calming herbal  supplement. Aside from canines with compulsive disorders, most adapt to new  routines relatively quickly.



Relocating cats can prove a bit more complicated. Cats not only bond to their  people but they bond to their territory as well. As many outdoor cats are  free-roaming, it can be difficult to get them to stick around long enough to  establish a new territory. There are many stories of cats ending up back at  their old addresses after a short-distance move, and other heartbreaking stories  of cats being lost forever after a long-distance move.

To keep your cat safe before, during and after a move, confinement to a  secure space is required. Before the move, keep your kitty in an empty,  climate-controlled room. The room should include a litterbox, bedding, food,  water, toys and a scratching post (clawing is a fantastic stress reliever). Post  a sign on the door, letting movers know the room has been cleared and that it  should remain closed at all times.

When transporting him to your new home, I strongly  advise using a portable crate. If your cat is apprehensive about car travel,  only going for rides to see the veterinarian, lightly spray the carrier with a  feline-hormone spray that reduces stress. Put something inside the kennel that  reminds them of home, such as a favorite toy or a pillowcase that smells like  you. Even if you are staying at a hotel, you should not let your cat out of the  carrier - even if your kitty complains, it’s necessary to keep your cat safe, as  frightened cats are likely to dart. Keep the carrier partially covered with a  towel or sheet so it feels like a den.

Once you’ve reached your destination, set aside a room (such as a bedroom or  bathroom) to serve as a transition area. This simple step will help your kitty  become acclimated to your new home. In these instances, the best medicine is  time … giving your cat the personal space to settle in. Visit occasionally while  you unpack, providing food, water and treats. If there’s a window, consider  setting up a perch, which will give your kitty a view to his new world. Do not  let your cat out until the movers are gone, the furniture is arranged and you  can keep an eye on your furry friend as he explores the rest of the home.

If you would prefer not to confine your cat to a safe room, consider boarding  your cat during the move. For his protection, staying at an extended-care spa or  a vet’s office offers a comfortable, caring solution (also good for dogs, too).

If you’ve ever considered training an outdoor cat to become an indoor-only cat, moving is a great opportunity to do just that!

Short distance moves within the same neighborhood can actually prove more problematic for cats than moving to a completely new area. If your kitty knows he’s near his marked territory, he might drive you bonkers trying to convince you to let him out.

In a new neighborhood, however, your cat has no established turf, so he should be less likely to prowl-yowl. If you still want to allow your cat outdoors but have concerns for his health and safety, consider investing in a harness and leash.

I hope that you’ll find these tips helpful, and wish you and your pet kids a  safe move and a future of happiness in your new home.

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place for companion animals.

Dr Jane Bicks  Dr. Jane Bicks, Life's Abundance Pet Product Formulator


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