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Life's Abundance is the ONLY FOOD WE HAVE FED for 12 years! NEVER RECALLED! Shipped FRESH to your door within 4-6 weeks of being made. If you're tired of all the crummy options in the store that have been recalled numerous times and sit in a warehouse 12 or more months before even being shipped to your store check out Life's Abundance! Now in Grain Free too! It's Here! Now you can purchase the FABULOUS Life's Abundance Grain Free Dog & Puppy Food or Life's Abundance Grain Free Cat &... Read more →

Your Cat May Be Smarter Than You Think

As long as people have shared their homes with pets, dog and cat lovers have debated which animal is more intelligent. Canine enthusiasts tout that dogs have been trained and bred for thousands of years to herd, hunt, assist, protect, perform tricks and obey verbal commands. Cat aficionados, on the other hand, say that cats are simply too smart to do the sort of tricks that dogs eagerly perform. Whereas dogs have been bred for utility, cats have been bred mostly for appearance, leading many to believe that dogs have... Read more →