Stella & Chewy's Dog And Cat Food Voluntarily Recalls Products Due to Possible Health Risk
Life's Abundance Is The Only Dog And Cat Food MLM Company After Flint River Ranch Announces Shutting Down Their MLM Pet Food Program

MARS Petcare Issues A Voluntary Recall Of Nutro Chewy Treats Apple For Dogs Due To Potential Mold

MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of the following Nutro dog treat due to potential mold.


Product Description


PetSmart SKU


Product UPC


Impacted Lot Codes




Lots codes beginning with ‘4 50’, ‘5 02’, ‘5 03’, OR ‘5 05’ (regardless of best by date).


The Lot Codes are located on the bottom of the bag under the Best By date as shown below:


Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining Nutro 4 oz. Apple Chewy Treats affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. PetSmart sells a wide variety of treats from many brands, and our associates can help you find the right item for you and your pet.

If you have questions about this voluntary recall, please contact Nutro Customer Service at 1-800-833-5330.



Life's Abundance has been serving the dog and cat community since 1999 and has NEVER had a recall. The products are formulated by a holistic vet and shipped directly to you. The food does not sit in a warehouse or on store shelves for months. It's shipped to you within 4-6 weeks of being made. Choose a company that cares for your dogs and cats. The words "never recalled" are getting slimmer and slimmer and most companies have been repeat offenders. or for the best for your pet!

So far in December there has been 6 recalls - Science Diet, Daves, Bravo, Centinela, Stella & Chewys and Nutro.

November was a little less with 4 total - 2 from Blue Buffalo (1 dog and 1 cat), Halo (cat), Salix/Good 'N Fun.

Keep giving these big companies a pass. They care about your pets, yep, they sure do. So many are repeat offenders it is sickening. Sickening is also a word used to do what they are doing to your loved ones. Recalls aren't a new thing. Since 2007 there have been thousands. Most commercial foods sit in a warehouse for months before they even hit the store shelves where they can sit for months more.

There is a solution. For 13 years we have never worried about what food our dogs eat or what they are eating for treats. If you want your food fresh, within 4-6 weeks of being made, shop at or


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