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5 Basic Steps To A Happy New Year!


2017 is FAST approaching and we know you want to be the best you can be in 2017! Are you ready to take control of your health and start making changes for the better?!?

1} Just Do It!

You may have heard the saying “SOMEDAY is not a day of the week!”  Stop procrastinating and commit to taking a small step every single day towards your health goals. Not drinking enough water? Add a glass in the morning and again in the afternoon. Eating too much sugar? Cut it down by 50%. Small steps = big gains in the long run!

2} Choose More Veggies

No matter what your health goals are, most everyone can benefit by adding more veggies to their diet. Try to add in at least one green vegetable to every single meal, and notice the difference. Better digestion, better skin, healthy blood sugar levels, weight loss and increased energy are just a few benefits of a plant-based diet!1

3} Be More Active

Being more active doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. Meet a friend for a walk instead of sitting for a coffee to catch up. Stretch for 10 minutes every morning or evening before bed. Take the dog for a longer walk. Take a dance class or learn tai chi. Find an activity you enjoy and make it a part of your weekly routine!

4} Breathe Away Your Stress

Use the power of your breath to take control of any situation. By pausing to take a couple of deep breaths in and out, you can reset your nervous system and reduce your stress.2

5} Practice Gratitude

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Take a minute each morning to write down what you’re grateful for and notice how much happier your day is!

Lifes Abundance Plant Protein Drink

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Did You Ever Stare Into Your Dogs Eyes And Wonder What They Are Thinking?

The Complexity of Canine Memory

What Is My Dog Thinking www.NaturalDogFoodStore

Have you ever sat staring deeply into your dog’s eyes, wondering “I wonder what you’re thinking?” Sure, they give us clues here and there, but as whole, the workings of your dog’s mind remains a mystery.

But there’s mounting evidence that we may have underestimated their mental capacities. I know when I was going through school and we would use words describing the emotions the pets seemed to feeling - love, anxiety, fear - we were often shut down with a stern, “Don’t anthropomorphize!” It was assumed that only humans were capable of such human-like emotions.

As we’ve studied more the amazing bonds that exist between humans and dogs, we’ve gotten better insight into the inner workings of their doggie brains. And while it’s true that we can’t say with 100% certainty what a dog thinks and feels (because you’d actually need to be able to talk to a dog in order for him to tell you that), I can tell you that the more we learn about their inner workings, the gap between people and dogs is narrowing. Each new study offers amazing insight into how smart, individual, and yes – emotional – they really are.

One of the most common tropes we hear about dogs is, “They live in the moment,” which assumes they don’t spend too much time thinking about the past. But all of us who share our lives with dogs have seen them react to something in a way that indicates they sure do remember things, thank you very much! As a veterinarian, “white coat syndrome”, the fearful reaction of a dog to a veterinarian in a white lab coat, is so well-documented that many of us just stopped wearing the jackets entirely.

And now science is finally showing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that dogs remember much more than we previously thought possible.

What Is My Dog Thinking About www.NaturalDogFoodStore

A recent study of 17 dogs in Current Biology explored the idea of episodic memory in dogs. They began by training the dogs to “Do as I do”, i.e., to imitate their trainer’s behavior. In this case, the dogs were aware they were receiving a cue, a signal to say “pay attention to what I’m doing.”

Then the researchers repeated the experiment, but without giving the “Do as I do” cue beforehand. Regardless of what the person was doing, the dog was instructed to lie down. Afterwards, trainers gave the dogs the command to repeat what they had just observed. This forced the dogs to recall what they had observed using episodic memory. This form of memory centers around the ability to recall a specific event from the past, but you didn’t know you were supposed to remember it at the time it happened. Despite showing signs of surprise, the dogs were able to recall what they had seen and imitate the person’s actions.

By demonstrating this ability to mimic, the study designers showed that dogs are watching and storing what they see all around them. Like people, they appear to be dumping all of that input into a short term memory bank, and if the information isn’t needed, it gets tossed out. Much the same way I can tell you what I had for dinner last night but not last month, a dog’s brain is quite capable of assessing memories and storing those considered pertinent for survival. As a social species whose evolution is closely tied to ours, it makes sense that they actually think in many of the same ways.

So, the next time you do something embarrassing around your pup, don’t be so quick to think they won’t remember it. At least we know for certain they won’t be spilling our secrets via speech, right?

written by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM

Grain Free Dog and Cat Food

5 Amazing Facts About Cats

Yes, cats are nothing like dogs: they are enigmatic, independent, sometimes aloof and always entertaining. Their completely unique natures are, in my opinion, their most endearing feature. It should come as no surprise that in addition to their one-of-a-kind personalities, they also have some pretty exceptional physical features and roles to play in our society. Here are just five of my favorite unique cat facts!

Top 5 Amazing Cat Facts

1. Cats can use their mouth to smell

Have you ever seen your cat take a big sniff, then pull their mouth back in what looks like a sneer? That’s called the flehmen response, and it’s one of the wonderful, weird things that makes cats so unique. Cats have a special organ called the vomeronasal organ wedged up between the hard palate and the nasal septum. The vomeronasal organ is used to analyze pheromones, which is an important means of communication in the feline world. If you’ve ever gotten a good whiff of cat urine, you may make the same face … but unlike us, cats are actually gaining extra information from that stimulus.

2. Cats are well adapted to high-heat environments

Have you ever seen a cat pant? Hopefully not, because they aren’t supposed to. We all know that dogs use panting to dissipate heat, while humans sweat. Aside from a negligible number of sweat glands in the paws, cats do neither! Evolved from desert-dwelling creatures, cats have extremely efficient kidneys that can concentrate urine to a very high degree, meaning they can survive longer than other mammals with less water without becoming dehydrated. I watch my dark-coated cat Penelope seek out blocks of sunlight all the time … like many cats, she thinks “The hotter, the better!” Meanwhile my dog is laying on the coldest spot of floor he can find.

5 Amazing Facts About Cats

3. You can’t top a cat’s night vision

Cats are unusual in that they have both predator and prey adaptations. One of their most unique features is their slit pupil, which allows the pupil to contract more quickly than the circular pupils of dogs and humans. This means they adjust more quickly to changes in ambient light. They also have the largest eyes of any mammal relative to their size! They have several other adaptations meant to ensure they can see well at night, including more rods in the back of their retina as well as a tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer of tissue that gives their eyes that eerie green glow.

4. Cats could have changed the course of history

In the Middle Ages, the Black Death swept through Europe, killing off an estimated 25% of the continent. The causative agent of bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis, was found to be carried by fleas who moved about the countryside on rodents. During the Spanish Inquisition, cats were condemned as evil and killed by the thousands. This cat depopulation allowed the rodent population to explode, extending the effects of the plague. Who knows how many lives could have been saved if only cats had been spared and out hunting the plague carriers.

5. Hissing is a unique feline vocalization

Have you ever heard a happy cat hiss? Probably not. Though not all cats hiss, those that do are invariably upset or frightened. Experts believe hissing may actually have evolved as a mimicry of a snake hiss, a way to warn someone that whatever they are doing, the cat is not at all happy about it. If you have a cat who hisses, consider yourself lucky! It’s a clear warning to stop whatever is upsetting them before they escalate to the next level, something usually involving claws or teeth.

Grain Free Healthy Start Pack For Cats

Protect Your Dog Or Cat From Toxic Holiday Plants

Protect Pets From Holiday Plants www.AZJungle

Veterinarians are frequently presented with questions about potential pet poisoning due to eating holiday plants. Some Christmas plants are toxic and others are not so this simple rule of thumb is our best advice to all pet parents to protect your pet from toxic holiday plants and poisoning:

It is best if your pets do not have access to any of your plants – that way you do not have to worry if the plant is toxic or not!

Common plants and the problems they can cause.

Poinsettias– We get a lot of calls about this pretty Christmas plant as it is thought to be toxic. Actually its toxicity is exaggerated. A 50 lb dog would have to ingest 1-1/4 pounds of poinsettia leaves, approximately 500-600 to reach a toxic level. If your dog or cat ingests a leaf or two there will likely be no effect. The leaves are bitter, though and may cause salivation, or vomiting, which is self limiting. It is still a good idea to keep them out of reach.

Christmas cacti– These are not considered to be toxic, however if your pet eats one, he or she may experience a mild gastric upset, vomiting or diarrhea. Generally treatment involves letting the stomach rest by withholding food and water for an hour or two.

Mistletoe– This plant is toxic but the toxicity varies with the species. Do not allow your pet to eat any parts of this plant. Symptoms of poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, depression, abdominal pain, extreme low blood pressure and death. If your pet has ingested this call your veterinarian immediately.

Holly– This plant also can be toxic, but ingestion mostly causes salivation, and vomiting. It is an irritant to the mouth. You should wash your pet’s mouth out and call your vet as your pet may need to be hospitalized for supportive care.

Christmas trees and fir roping– The needles from these can cause tummy upsets in dogs or cats and are prickly so can cause eye issues. They are not poisonous but eating the needles is hard on the intestinal tract. Keep the needles swept up so your pets do not eat them.

What to do if your pet has been poisoned?

So what do you do if you think your pet has been poisoned by a holiday plant or something else?

Get in touch with your veterinarian or veterinary emergency hospital or a poison control center, and follow their instructions. If you do not have a local poison control center, you can call the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 (a consultation fee may be applied to your credit card).

If you can’t get in touch with either one and the poisoning occurred within the last 3 hours, consider inducing vomiting (Important: Ask our Vet for the correct way to induce vomiting). Do not induce vomiting if your pet is unconscious, seizing, not able to stand, or is having trouble breathing. Do not induce vomiting if your pet has ingested a petroleum product or a strong acid or alkali or a cleaning solution. If your pet vomits save it in a plastic bag.

The best advice I can give you is to keep these things away from your pets and have the emergency numbers for your vet, your vet emergency hospital and the poison control posted in a prominent area.

Keep yourself and your pets safe this holiday season!

Dr. Jan written by Dr. Jan from Pet Wellbeing

The Must Have List Of Foods Your Dog Should Avoid During The Holidays

This question comes up during every holiday - Can my dog eat this food? Here's the definitive checklist of “people foods” that dogs should never eat, plus ones they can have on rare occasions. Keep your canines safe this holiday season, and all year long, with this handy infographic!

Foods For Dogs To Avoid During The Holiday

Is Your Dog Or Cat On A Prescription Food? If So, You Need To Check Out This Prescription Pet Food Lawsuit

Consumers cheated in prescription pet food scam

Prescription pet food sounds like a vital part of keeping our pets healthy and happy. Unfortunately, it is often no different from non-prescription pet food except in one important respect: Cost. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Shoenberger, we are working to protect consumers cheated by pet food manufacturers and retailers.

Misrepresentation and collusion

What is the point of a prescription? In theory, prescriptions allow consumers access to restricted drugs based on a specific health need. A group of pet food manufacturers and retailers are using "prescriptions" to justify overcharging consumers for food that contains no restricted ingredients. Neither the FDA nor any other government agency mandates the prescription.

Our firm, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, is partnering with Pope McGlamry and Ward and Smith in a class action suit on behalf of the consumers overcharged due to the misrepresentation and illegal collusion of pet food retailers and manufacturers. The four main pet food brands involved in the suit include:

  • Hill's Prescription Diet
  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
  • Iams Veterinary Formula

These foods contain no drugs, medicines or ingredients that would have a significant on a pet's health when compared to any other pet food. The only difference is in the price charged to consumers.

Our award-winning firm has experience spanning 6 decades of 7 and 8 figure results. Our attorneys have successfully represented countless clients harmed by the neglect, incompetence or misdeeds of corporations. If the following conditions apply, you should consider contacting one of our skilled lawyers:

  • Have you purchased any of the pet food brands listed above over the past 4 years?
  • Were you told that your pet needed a pet food available by prescription only?
  • Were you referred to an on-site veterinarian (Banfield or BluePearl, for example) to write the prescription, with or without the need to examine your pet?

Call 844-321-9425 to inquire about joining the class action suit. (Original article on Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Shoenberger)


Did Your Dog Or Cat's Name Make The Most Popular List Or The Wackiest Pet Names List?

Most Popular And Wackiest Dog And Cat Names

For the second consecutive year, Bella and Max were the most popular pet names in America for dogs and cats, according to Nationwide, a provider of pet health insurance. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Bella has led the way as the most popular pet name in America for both dogs and cats.

Did your dog or cat make either list?

The Top Dog and Cat Names for 2016 -

Dogs Cats
1. Bella 1. Bella
2. Max 2. Max
3. Lucy 3. Oliver
4. Bailey 4. Luna
5. Charlie 5. Lucy
6. Daisy 6. Chloe
7. Molly 7. Charlie
8. Cooper 8. Lily
9. Buddy 9. Tiger
10. Lola 10. Shadow

Although the top two monikers remained the same as last year, there were multiple changes to the top 10 for each species. In dogs, the name Cooper continued its growth in popularity and propelled to the eighth most popular name among canines—up more than 100 spots from three years ago. Among female dog names, Sophie and Maggie both decreased significantly and dropped out of the top 10, while Lola surged into the 10thspot. Among cats, Luna saw an incredible increase in popularity among cat owners and surged into fourth place after failing to break into the top 10 last year, while Sophie saw the most significant drop.

“Our annual review of the most common pet names gives us a unique view of popular trends among our members,” said Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA, vice president and chief veterinary officer for Nationwide. “Our data often shows increases in certain pop culture themes among pet monikers. The most significant theme has been the continued popularity of the name Bella, which has remained one of the top names ever since the ‘Twilight’ series was introduced more than 10 years ago.”

Despite these names being the most popular, many pet lovers choose less conventional names for their companions such as McLoven the StudMuffin and Agent Jack Meower, who were crowned as Nationwide’s Wackiest Pet Names earlier this year. Here are the top 50 dog and cat names of Nationwide’s 2016 Wacky Pet Names list -

Top 50 Wacky Dog Names of 2016

  1. McLoven the Stud Muffin
  2. Kanye Westie
  3. Angus Von Wigglebottom
  4. SuperFunCoconutDog
  5. Optimus Prime Rib
  6. Maximus Waffles
  7. ChaChi Big Foot
  8. Scrappin Scruffy Macdoogle of the Highland Macdoogles
  9. Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon
  10. Aggie Von Schwaggie
  11. Abner Doubledoodle
  12. Arrow Bumblebee Bruno
  13. Baja Betty
  14. Bear Paws Lord Of The Dance
  15. Benjamin Pickles
  16. Boon Bon Wrinkler
  17. Captain Jack Barkypants
  1. Catfish Hobbs
  2. Champagne Charlie
  3. Chauncey Peppertooth
  4. Chazz Porter
  5. Chicky Chippo The Fox Demon
  6. Chief Frederick Prince Manbearpig Pace
  7. Chief Tator Tot
  8. Hugo Abelard Le Meatball
  9. Jabba The Pug
  10. Jack Purves The Doody Boy
  11. Justa Dog J.D
  12. Katie Scarlett Of Chattapoochie
  13. Lady Doodle Savage
  14. Leilei Puppypoo Mcclure
  15. Lordess Niblonia Of Townsend Manor
  16. Mackeys Molly Bea Of Dawson Farms
  17. Master Humphrey Beauguardus
  1. Ninja Roo The Fox Demon Ii
  2. Odysseys Hot Shot Of Aspenhill
  3. Oh So Rosenberg
  4. Olly Duke Of Kashmir
  5. Peaches Sweetpea King Walker
  6. Pocketful O Barley
  7. Polkadot Sox
  8. Princess Poo Poo Provolone
  9. Professor Monty Waffles
  10. Savage Seahawk Sofie
  11. Seargent Buzzbomb
  12. Sir Winchster Mcsniffems
  13. Tazz The Jazz Dog
  14. The Great Pepperoni
  15. Tipper Crackerjack
  16. Zsa Zsa Chanel

Top 50 Wacky Cat Names of 2016

  1. Agent Jack Meower
  2. Shakespurr
  3. Meowmadeus
  4. Macaroni Bob
  5. Sir Pickles Pennybottom
  6. Princess Poopy Paws
  7. Butch Catsidy
  8. Sharkbait Hoo Haa Haa
  9. Ziggy Snowdust
  10. Enzo Asparagus Santa
  11. Alistair Mcsprinkle
  12. Aoki The Cattywhompus
  13. Augustus Finknottle
  14. Claws Von Stauffenberg Sachs
  15. Daisy Night-Night
  16. Dandelion Fluff
  17. Dasher Dash Walsh
  1. Doc Meowenstein
  2. Dodge Mcfergus
  3. Dr. Mcsnuggles
  4. Flopsy Mopsy
  5. Fuzzy Britches
  6. Henry Harrison Orangefellow
  7. Jasper Noodles
  8. Johnny Neckbone
  9. Katniss Catman Simba Hoose
  10. Kevin Peterschmidt Bigglesworth Iii
  11. Kung Fu Kitty
  12. Lightning Lilly
  13. Lilu Dallas Multipass
  14. Madame Mao
  15. Maple Lobstah
  16. Mayor Pawington
  17. Mr. Meowmakins
  1. Pancho Scuddles
  2. Professor Peppermint
  3. Scottopotomus
  4. Sir Percival B. Snuggledumpling
  5. Snookholtz Bucholtz
  6. Spartacus Creamsicle
  7. Sunny Summersunburst
  8. Tennesse Tuxedo
  9. Thea Feisty Squeaker
  10. Tiny Thursday
  11. Tobee Wan Kenobe
  12. Toothless Truffle
  13. Tootie Mccarter
  14. Walker Of Cohencats
  15. Zabio The Magnificent
  16. Zarblu Suede Shoes


Recall - Beef For Dogs And Kitten Grind - Blue Ridge Beef Of Eatonton, GA Recalls Product Because Of Possible Health Risk

December 8, 2016 - Blue Ridge Beef is voluntarily recalling two (2) of its frozen products due to their potential to be contaminated with Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes. Salmonella and Listeria can affect animals eating the product. There is a risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surface exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

The affected products are sold in 2 lb chubs and can be identified with the following manufacturing codes:

Lot #mfd ga8516
Beef for dogs

UPC code 8542980011009


Lot #mfd ga81216
Kitten grind
UPC code 854298001016

The affected products were distributed to retail stores in the following states:

  • NC
  • SC
  • GA
  • FL
  • AZ
  • TX

BrdogAbout Salmonella and Listeria

Salmonella and Listeria can affect animals eating the product and there is a risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surface exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare provider. Consumers should also follow the simple handling tips on the package.

What caused the Recall

This recall was initiated after the FDA received two complaints associated with these products, including one complaint of two kitten illnesses and one complaint of a puppy death. Subsequent testing by the FDA of a 2 lb chub of beef for dogs and kitten grind collected at a veterinary office revealed the presence of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. There is no direct evidence linking these unfortunate instances to contaminated product.

This recall is being made with the knowledge of the US Food and Drug Administration.

What to do

Consumers who have purchased the above lots of beef for dogs or kitten grind are urged to stop feeding them and return products to the place of purchase for a full refund. Or dispose of them immediately. Those with questions can email the company at


Tired of dog and cat food recalls? Choose a dog or cat food that has never been recalled and has been serving the pet community since 1999 with it's holistically formulated goodness! Shop at or


Originally posted on FDA Recalls


Have You Heard Of The Luuup? It's A 3 Sifting Tray Litter System And The Easiest Way To Clean A Cat Box!

Ok cat lovers - this is FANTASTIC! Litter boxes can be such an eye sore and a pain to clean. The Luuup is more than a litter box. It's functional, stylish and most of all, inspired!

It's super easy to use! Check out these easy peasy instructions:

1.Stack the three sifting trays so that the rockers on adjacent trays alternate and overlap as shown.

2. Add between 15 lbs, (7 kg.) , of clumping cat litter , (to an approximate depth of 3” - 4", (7-10 cm). All cats are unique when it comes to the use of their litter box. Be mindful to maintain a litter level that allows urine to clump before reaching the bottom of the tray.

3. To clean, lift the top tray and the waste is separated from the clean litter. Keep the sifting tray low inside the bottom tray while sifting to minimize dust. Being gentle helps minimize clump breakage.

4. After disposing of any waste, check the tray to make sure no litter clumps have adhered to the plastic surface. Wipe the tray clean with a paper towel, as necessary. If ever any small litter clumps get stuck in the slots, remove them before placing the tray back in the stack.

5. Turn the tray 180 degrees and place it at the bottom of the stack. You’ll know the bottom tray is turned the right way when it matches the same orientation as the top tray in the stack.

6. Lift the two tray stack containing the litter by the outer edge of the lower tray. Gently place the stack in the bottom tray and you're done. If the bottom tray is stacked incorrectly, the litter will rock back and forth, instead of nesting together. Simply remove the bottom tray and return it to the correct position if this happens.

BAM! You're Done!

Order Your Kitty The Luuup Here!

Cat Litter Box, Reinvented

Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs, Cats And Their People

Don't know what to get your favorite dog or cat during the holidays? How about one of these adorable gift boxes? It has something for them and something for their much loved human too! Not sure if it's the right holiday gift? We have gift certificates available too! 


Holiday gift for dogs

Dogs will go nuts over this assortment of fun and delicious treats! There’s even a cheerful gift included for the lucky pet parent. Everything is neatly bundled in a decorative gift box that will be the perfect adornment for any holiday home.

  • Generous, healthy baked treat collection
  • Full-sized bag of Tasty Rewards Treats
  • Fun plush squeak toy (may vary)
  • A special gift for pet parents

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Holiday gift for cats

Kitty can nibble on some wholesome delights while pet parents cozy up with a cheerful “MEOW” cup. Add some delightful toys into the mix and the result is instant ‘go power’ to last throughout the season.
  • Full-sized bag of Cat Treats
  • Delicious dose of nutrition with full-sized Wellness Supplement
  • Instinctive Choice (one 3-oz. can)
  • Fun and festive toy assortment (may vary)
  • Includes a special gift for pet parents
Limited quantity ... they go fast, so order now!