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Are You Treating Your Dog Or Cat With Empty Calorie Snacks?

Even though we act like it’s true, pets aren’t just like people. Ingesting empty-calorie snacks every once in a while can have a much greater impact on pets than humans, and not in a good way. Even feeding a diet of premium food may not offset the potential damage of ingesting “junk foods”, which often contain unsavory ingredients including artificial flavors and colors. In this particular health equation, it isn’t just a matter of subtraction (or taking away the bad stuff). Thanks to Dr. Jane’s wholesome recipes, you can actually add nutrients to your companion animal’s daily intake. In this episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reveals how simple it is to make a positive change. If you want to provide your fur kids with the best possible nutritional advantage, you owe it to yourself to watch the latest episode right now.

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Life's Abundance Dog & Cat Holiday Gift Baskets Now On Sale

Just in time for the holidays, Life's Abundance is now offering quality gifts at exceptional values. With toys, treats and more, our festive Holiday Gift Baskets make the perfect gifts for the furry pet kids on your list. Pet parents will be thrilled to receive your joyous gift, introducing the possibility of a healthier life for their dogs or for their cats. Be sure to review the detailed descriptions of these baskets for complete lists of their contents. And with our Gift Certificates, you can give personalized gifts redeemable for any of our superior products. No matter which gifts you choose to share with your loved ones, there are no better tidings of joy than messages – or baskets – of better health.

DoggiftbasketHoliday Gift Basket For Dogs

This festive basket contains an entertaining plush toy that squeeks! Plus, an assortment of our most popular treats. Wholesome Hearts, Gourmet Dental Treats, Antioxidant Health Bars, Tasty Rewards and Porkhide Bones. All nestled in a lovely reusable basket. Makes a wonderful gift for a canine friend. (Toy may vary.)


CatgiftbasketHoliday Gift Basket For Cats

A delightful variety of playful toys that will keep your furry feline happily occupied during the holidays and a bag of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats For Healthy Skin & Coat. The toys and treats are nestled in a lovely reusable basket. A terrific holiday gift for your favorite feline! (Toys may vary.)


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Safe Effective Weight Loss for Cats

HealthyPetNet Cat Vitamins and Food Obesity in cats is very common and can predispose your cat to diabetes, Hepatic Lipidosis and arthritis. Overweight cats are being seen more and more by veterinarians for various disorders. Weight loss foods don't usually work because the ingredients are inferior and substitutes like corn and wheat are used instead of protein, so your cat will be hungry and eat more. This page will help you determine what to do about overweight cats so that your kitty won't have to be encumbered by obesity.

40 percent of cats in the United States are considered to be obese! Only 5 to 10 percent of all cats can be classified as only slightly overweight. In recent years Feline Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes) has become almost a daily diagnosis in animal hospitals all across America. Our cats are at risk for a number of obesity related disorders. Documented research indicates obese cats are far more prone than cats of normal body weight to disease.

Dr. Jane Bicks, the holistic veterinarian who formulates products for Life's Abundance, hasn't made a cat weight-loss food because she isn't convinced that it can be done safely. Instead, here's Dr. Jane's plan for helping a cat lose weight safely without feeling deprived:

1. Weigh your cat, and write the weight down with the date. Put a chart on your fridge with six columns: Date, Weight, Body Score, Food, Treats, and Exercise.

2. Get a measuring cup that shows a full cup (8 ounces), 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup.

3. Then do a "body score": With the cat standing and facing away from you, put your hands on the cat's shoulders, and pull your hands back over the ribs.

If you easily feel ribs, the score is 1, and the cat doesn't need to lose weight.

If you feel up to 1/2 inch of padding on the ribs, the score is 2, and the cat probably should lose weight.

If you don't feel any ribs, the score is 3, and the cat definitely needs to lose weight. Note the score with the date on your fridge chart.

4. For a few days, measure all food and count all treats the cat eats. Record all that information. You may be feeding or treating a lot more than you thought.

5. Use the Life's Abundance food calculator to see how much dry cat food your cat should eat. Let's say your cat is 13 pounds. The calculator says 1/2 to 3/4 cup a day of Life's Abundance Dry Cat Food. An overweight cat is probably eating at least the high end of the range.

6. Start with the total quantity at the high end of the suggested range for your cat, assuming your cat is eating that much now.

Give two-thirds to three-quarters of the quantity of Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats, and substitute Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food for the remaining food. The water in the canned food will help fill the cat up, and extra water is always good for cats. Here's the comparison:

1 cup of Life's Abundance dry = about 500 calories (3/4 cup = about 375 calories).

1 can of Instinctive Choice canned = about 100 calories.

For this example, let's say the high end of the range is 3/4 cup a day of dry. Instead of giving the whole 3/4 cup of dry food per day, give this combination: 1/2 cup of dry (about 250 calories) + about 1/4 cup of canned (that's a little more than a whole can, roughly 100 calories) = about 350 calories a day.

7. Divide the daily amount into at least four meals. If you don't want to leave canned food out when you're gone, use it in the evening or whenever you're home.

8. Give treats very sparingly, and use healthy, nutritious treats. Life's Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats are best. Don't give "junk food" cat treats that contain corn, wheat, gluten, soy, or sugar. Don't give tuna as it can contain too much mercury.

9. As the diet progresses, continue to record the food and treats daily.

10. To help your cat lose weight faster, spend more time playing with your cat. Get a feather teaser (like a fishing pole with a feather toy on a string). That's a good way to get almost any cat to play. Also record each time your cat plays.

11. Repeat the weighing and body scoring weekly. Those things help you see when the cat is building muscle, which will happen from the extra playing. Building muscle may cause the weight loss to slow down or even seem to reverse for a while, because muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle is much healthier for the cat!

12. As always, if your cat loses energy or shows other signs of illness, consult your vet. If time permits, ask Dr. Jane for ideas on her open conference call about what to ask your vet.

13. As your cat's needs dictate, adjust the quantities slightly up or down, keeping the total amount of food where it needs to be and the calories less than you started with.

Holiday Gift Baskets Now Available For Dogs & Cats From Life's Abundance

Dog-Basket-09-250 Our companion animals give us love all year long, and the holidays are a wonderful time for us to give back. Holiday Baskets are the perfect gifts for your pets and your pet friends.

Holiday Gift Basket for Dogs

This festive basket contains an entertaining plush toy and an assortment of our most popular treats, including: Wholesome Hearts (low-fat, heart-shaped sensations), Gourmet Dental Treats (honey peanut butter recipe), Antioxidant Health Bars (oatmeal and apple recipe), a bag of Tasty Rewards (savory chicken and venison jerky) and a Porky Puff (hickory-smoked chew) to top it all off.  All of these delicious treats are nestled in a lovely, reusable basket. This Holiday Gift Basket is beautifully presented with a colorful ribbon and a cute holiday gift card that you can personalize. Makes an absolutely wonderful gift for a canine friend. (Toy may vary.) Limited quantity ... they go fast, so order now! ONLY $17.95 - RETAIL VALUE $30.00

Holiday Gift Basket for Cats

This lovely basket contains a delightful assortment of playful toys that will keep any furry feline happily Cat-Basket-09-250 occupied during the holidays. For the proud cat parent, we included an adorable hand-painted cat photo frame so you can proudly display your cat's photo all year long. And last but not least, we’ve included a bag of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin & Coat. The toys and treats are nestled in a lovely, reusable basket. This Holiday Gift Basket is beautifully presented with a colorful ribbon and a cute holiday gift card that you can personalize. Makes an absolutely wonderful gift for a feline friend. (Toys and frame may vary.) Limited quantity ... they go fast, so order now! ONLY $12.95 - RETAIL VALUE $21.00

Hemp For Dogs & Cats From Silly Kitty Hemp Toys, Collars & Leashes

100% Natural and Healthy

Silly Kitty™ specializes in environmentally friendly, natural products for your pet.

We purchase only the highest quality organic, locally grown catnip for our cat toys, and we dye our fabrics "in house" using non-toxic, reactive dyes and natural products like soda, salt and cold water rinsing to reduce our environmental impact.

Silly-kitty-toys-assorted The Silly Kitty is an award winning, bio-degradable cat toy, made with Hemp and locally farmed, high potency organic cat nip. We use only the flowers and buds for our Silly Kitty™ no filler allowed! The Silly Kitty™ comes in an assortment of beautiful colors and is made to resemble the size and shape of a real mouse.

Cats go crazy for Silly Kitty! (Voted "1st place-Best Cat Toy-Readers Choice Awards, Tails Magazine-2005)

The Silly Kitty™ Heart is a pink, Hemp heart filled with high potency organic cat nip locally farmed in Heart-cat-toys Canada. Bio-degradable and earth friendly, the Silly Kitty™ Heart is a big hit with cats of any age. Give your kitty your heart and let them have hours and hours of fun!

Our Hemp Break-away Cat Collars come in seven soft and beautiful colors including Brick Red, Navy, Tangerine Orange, Leaf Green, Fushia Pink, Turquoise Blue and Natural Hemp.

The Break-away buckle separates with just ten pounds of pressure, helping to keep kitty safe while out exploring the world.

Corduroy-cat-collar Cats love our collars because the natural Hemp fabric is soft and comfortable, unlike a lot of stiff synthetic cat collars on the market today. Also, because our collars are made from Hemp, a naturally grown fibre, they breath and do trap moisture to create skin irritation. All of our collars are completely washable!

Our Hemp Corduroy Dog Collars are made with velvety Hemp Corduroy fabric and come in five beautiful and unique colors including Watermelon Red, Navy, Turquoise Blue, Fushia Pink, Tangerine Orange and Hemp Natural (for small dogs).

Our Hemp Corduroy Dog Collars are very soft and flexible, unlike a lot of the synthetic collars on the Corduroy-dog-collar market today, making them a very comfortable choice for dogs of all sizes. Dogs with neck irritations especially love our collars because they breath, and do not trap moisture that can cause irritation and hair loss.

In fact our Hemp dog collar was originally created for a water loving Labrador who had constant infections on the loose skin under his neck due to chaffing. Once he began to wear hemp his owners never looked back and we decided to provide quality made Hemp Corduroy dog collars for dogs of all sizes!

All collars are completely washable, durable and soften with use.

Corduroy-dog-lead Our Hemp Corduroy Dog Leads are strong and durable yet also bright and attractive. They come in five matching colors to accompany our Hemp Dog Collars. Our leads are 3/4 of an inch wide and six feet long to allow your dog to roam within a safe distance. All dog leads are completely washable!

Our Hemp Rope Chews come in two perfect sizes and are made with 100 percent Hemp Rope. Dogs LOVE to chew and our Hemp Rope Chews provide hours and hours of fun!  They are also knotted at both ends to allow for tugging and tossing gamesDog-with-hemp-rope-chew for you and your pet.

The best thing about our natural Hemp Rope Chews is that the fibres break down in your dog's digestive system like hay, unlike other plastic/synthetic chews on the market. Dog's absolutely LOVE the earthy, natural scent of the Hemp Rope Chew! Click Here for Small Dogs Hemp Rope Chews.


The Best Way to Pamper Your Kitty - Give Your Cat Gourmet Cat Treats

Lifes abundance gourmet cat treats When it comes to treats, cats are frequently passed over by many pet food companies.  At HealthyPetNet, we believe that your furry feline deserves the occasional reward of a tasty treat, just as much as do dogs.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of giving your sweet kitty the nutritional delight of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats for Healthy Skin and Coat, you won’t believe the level of feline joy these kibbles can evoke. Your cat’s mouth will water in anticipation of these tasty indulgences, which feature chicken, herring, flaxseed and eggs. 

As we have noted in the past, Dr. Jane believes that a stronger coat will lead to less hair being swallowed during grooming.  To that end, these gourmet treats contain the superior-quality proteins crucial to the growth and maintenance of a strong coat. 

To further support your cat’s health, these yummy nuggets feature a full range of nutrients to address the needs of the skin, which is the body’s largest organ.  Dr. Jane included omega-3 fatty acids to help keep the skin hydrated and pliable.  And vitamin E further helps to maintain skin elasticity.  Additionally, there’s added vitamin C, to promote the production of collagen, the major component of skin. 

Isn’t it time your cat enjoyed a little extra support, disguised as a tasty morsel? Click Here for more information on Life's Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats

Plague Ratsie - The Ultimate Cat Toy! Catnip & Valerian Root

What Peezle & Jopie anxiously awaited their new Plague Rat toy or as affectionately known by cats on Twitter as Plague Ratsie. They had heard about it and all the cats were raving about them and then, one day in the mail their wonderful Plague Rat toy arrived!

What is a Plague Ratsie? A treat for your cat! Our Plague Rats are handmade by Sally Pointer from natural linen, wool and leather. Stuffed with her tried and tested blend of top quality catnip herb and coarsely chopped valerian root, your cat will be delighted to 'protect' you from this fearsome beastie.

These cat toys represent exceptional value, most cat owners find that their cat will still be interested in this toy up to a year or more after first playing with it. The secret is the chunks of valerian root which withstand repeated attention even from the most intrepid hunter. Ratwar

Be warned though, we have had reports of cats opening the parcels containing these rats on the doormat before you get to them! Our own cat tries to steal them even whilst we are making them. Colour of rattie eyes and tail may vary.

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Nina Ottosson Interactive Toys for Dogs or Cats Now Available!

Recommended by veterinarians, dog-trainers and other dog-lovers all over the world, Supplies Just for Pets is making these incredibly popular Nina Ottosson Interactive toys available not only to the US, but Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

PhpThumb_generated_thumbnail Supplies Just for Pets announced today the availability of the very popular Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys through their online pet supplies store for those in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys are amazing learning toys for dogs or cats, which mentally stimulate your pet in a fun and creative way. Pet owners may struggle when trying to find outlets for their dog’s energy, if no way is provided a dog may find other ways on their own resulting in destructive chewing, being over active, or even overly aggressive. These interactive toys have proven to be the answer for many satisfied pet owners.

Nina Ottosson is the designer of these interactive dog toys, where her years of dog training and behavior study are shown in the development of these toys. The toys are designed to mentally activate dogs and cats in a positive and educational way. Brain activity is important to keep dogs and cats healthy; these toys are meant for the dog or cat to develop problem solving skills in a variety of ways. The objective of each game is for them to find hidden treats by lifting blocks, pushing blocks, turning discs, and other activities. This provides your pet with a fun game that is stimulating and enjoyable for the dog or cat and pet-lover.

These Nina Ottosson games for dogs are wonderful toys to utilize during times when exercising outside isn’t possible because of extreme heat or cold.

“These brilliant dog toys are a perfect addition to our selection of interactive dog toys,” indicated Salina Gannon, owner of Supplies Just for Pets. “We know there will now be many happy dogs, cats and pet-lovers, now that we are able to stock and ship these amazing Nina Ottosson dog toys to more and more pet owners throughout the US, Canada, and other countries,” added Gannon.

Supplies Just for Pets carries both plastic and wood versions of the Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys with the hope of carrying Nina Ottosson new releases within the coming months.

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