Toxin Free Cleaning Products

Do You Think Your Floor Cleaner Is Pet Friendly And Child Safe?

Most of us were raised with the smell of PineSol and associate a clean house with that smell. But how many dangerous chemicals are in there? How many of you have dogs or cats who run across a wet floor only to lick their paws and ingest those chemicals? What about the kids? They LOVE to play on the floor, super close to breathing all of that in.

Did you know that simply by taking a couple of small steps to protect the planet, you can also help to ensure the health of your family?

Our signature line of environmentally-friendly cleaning products is a more natural alternative to harsh conventional cleaning product lines, which often contain chemicals that can negatively impact the air quality of your home and the long-term quality of our water supply.

Although our cleaning products are industrial-strength, they are safe for use in the home. Additionally, these products represent the latest in microbial technology, with friendly bacteria that eliminate the organic wastes that cause odor, rather than just masking the smell.

We’ve also adopted a new strategy to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering our already overburdened landfills. We use plastic containers that are very dense, so they can be used over and over again. Additionally, our superior-grade sprayer nozzles are built to last, enduring repeated use.

If you’re looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are pet-safe, child-safe and effective, look no further!

Be sure to check out our Floorwash Concentrate - This amazing product contains environmentally-safe and highly-effective cleansers in addition to microbial grease digesters to completely rid your floors of dirt, grime and odor-causing organic matter. Floorwash works extremely well on waxed and polished floors, hardwoods, glazed ceramic tile, concrete, quarry tile, even brick. Just one bottle contains enough concentrate to make 32 gallons of high-powered Floorwash! And best of all, it’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates. 

Also check out our Biodeoderizer - BioDeodorizer gets rid of odors by digesting their sources. Safe for use on tile and carpet, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers, even drain lines! Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter boxes. BioDeodorizer is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates.