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Life's Abundance Probiotic Is Featured In The Gluten Free Living Magazine In April! Receive Wholesale Pricing!

We are thrilled that Gluten-Free Living Magazine has selected Life's Abundance Probiotic for inclusion in its April issue. On newsstands now, the magazine covers helpful information on travel, research developments and (of course) recipes for those living with gluten-sensitivity. Life's Abundance Probiotic was chosen for the New For You feature because it is suitable for those seeking to avoid gluten.

The Life’s Abundance Probiotic formula was developed with an award winning probiotics manufacturer in the USA, focused on supplying the highest quality strains that are vigorously tested using top technological advances.

Two of the most important criteria for evaluating a probiotic are whether it can survive passage through the stomach by resisting gastric acidity and survive the intestines by resisting bile acids - both of which our probiotic formula have proven to do in research studies.

Life’s Abundance Probiotic formula has a potency guarantee of at least 25 Billion CFUs per capsule and a shelf life of 2 years at room temperature. Unlike some other probiotic formulas with shorter shelf lives, ours is guaranteed to stay stable, longer at room temperature.

Gluten Free Living Magazine

Do you take a Probiotic? The Life's Abundance Probiotic is awesome and we were on the Life's Abundance cruise last month with Keri Glassman who formulated this. If you are interested in ordering it, we can set you up with a wholesale account. That means you'll receive our best autoship pricing, without being on autoship!

Just email us ( or fill out this form - and put your name, address, phone and email in the comments. We will set up your account and you will receive an email when it's ready.

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Grain Free
No Sugar Added
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives
Kosher and Halal Certified
Room Temperature Stable

Learn more about the Life's Abundance Probiotic and be sure to watch the video too!

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